Emotiva X series 0.5


Cable HDMI 1.4 3D/Ethernet y ARC de 50 cm.

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The Emotiva X Series high speed HDMI with ethernet interconnects are built to exacting standards. Constructed using the finest materials and design, they will provide years of reliable performance. Extreme care has been taken to ensure the highest possible video and audio quality. Our unique flat design with parallel conductors enables exact cable matching lengths for rock solid image stability with minimum skew and high immunity from external EMI/RFI interference.Fully certified cable meets highest performance standards.
HDMI v1.4 high speed cable with ethernet and ARC capability.
High quality 3 micron gold plating on all contact surfaces for reliable performance.
Braided polyester anti-scuff jacket.
Flat, heavy duty PVC jacket, housing parallel coax cables for uniform length, controlled impedance, and fast, consistent signal speeds.
Four individually sealed coaxial lines.

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Peso 0,40 kg
Dimensiones 25 × 20 × 8 cm